We offer to our customers the processing and recycling of:

  • EAF-Dust
  • Dust and sludges from foundries
  • Catalysts
  • Other Zinc containing residues as sludge, filtercake or pellets
  • Carbon containing residues
  • Mineralic wastes and residues
  • Zinc-carbon, Zinc-air and Alkaline batteries
  • Bottom dross
  • Zinc containing slag (top dross)
  • Zinc skimmings
  • Other Lead containing residues as sludge, filter cakes or pellets

We help our customers to ensure compliance with legislation in their home countries. For that reason we help to fill in national and international documents for the approval of transportation and recycling of their products, secondary products and wastes.

We can provide all required documentation concerning:

  • Council Regulation (EEC) No. 259/93 and (EG) No. 1013/2006 on the supervision and control of shipments of wastes within, into and out of the European Community
  • OECD Council Decision of March 1992
  • Basel Convention of March 1989
  • KrW-/AbfG (the German law governing recycling and waste management)
    We look after our customers at home and abroad from the first questions up to the complete fill in of documents for submission to the respective competent authorities involved.

We advise our customers also in the choice of the ecologically and economically best way of transportation.

For transportation we can offer:

  • Full range of container systems (Skips, Roll-on, roll-off and Rear end loader)
  • Trailers
  • Silo-lorries
  • Tipping-lorries
  • Different railway transport systems (silo and bulk materials)
  • Barges and coasters

Appeal to us and we answer your questions and offer you solutions for any problems.