Notification process

Based on our longstanding, extensive experience, we are able to offer you everything from a single source. The service includes:

  • plausibility check
  • collection and preparation of all required documents from the person providing notification, the carrier and the recipient
  • preparation of the notification form
  • calculation of a financial guarantee
  • submission of documents to all competent authorities for approval
  • esponding to all questions from authorities, in collaboration with those companies involved with the notification
  • preparation of shipment forms/accompanying forms prior to the first shipment
  • shipment monitoring and accompanying of waste shipments
  • confirmation of receipt for each individual shipment
  • confirmation of disposal/recycling of each individual shipment
  • preparation of monthly reviews
  • notification prior to the end of a validity period, so that a new notification can be prepared, if necessary

The notifications can take place according to:

  • Basel Convention
  • EU Waste Policy
  • OECD resolution

Your direct contact:
Tel. +49 203 31866 – 0
Fax +49 203 31866 – 55

We already look after many notifications today that go beyond our normal scope of waste and would be happy to prepare an individual offer for you at any time.